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Our Head Office is in Paarl in the Western Cape. However, we also have a technical team on the ground enabling us to deliver the best possible technical service to our group of hand-picked producers. We support our producers in 'farming with intelligence' with cutting edge technology at their disposal.

As a team, the best way to grow beyond is to grow together. We strive towards excellence in everything that we undertake and quality of service is for us unnegotiable.

Our management team is young and dynamic. We are innovators in this industry, delivering the best service to both our producers and our markets. 

management team

GbN Team_1.jpg

Fanie Naudé


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GbN Team_5.jpg

Jaco du Toit


Francois Auret

Logistics and Product

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Jacques Meyer



Danelene Ruiters

Market Compliance


Christopher Rossouw


board of directors

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Pieter Naudé (Snr)

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Johan Stumpf

GbN Team_1.jpg

Fanie Naudé

2020_09 - Marinus.jpg

Marinus Naudé

2020_09 - Pieter JNR.jpg

Pieter Naudé (Jnr)

"The best way to grow beyond is to grow together."


management team
Board of directors

Meerlust is owned and run by Jaco Du Toit, a third-generation table grape producer. The farm is situated in Sandhills De Doorns, Western Cape, which borders the Matroosberg Mountain range, an ideal microclimate for table grapes. Jaco took over the reins in 2000 after receiving his diploma in Agriculture from Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute. This was a tumultuous yet exciting time in the South African fruit industry as it had just undergone deregulation (1997), paving the way for the free-market fresh fruit trade between South Africa and the world.

Jaco is a passionate and skilled agronomist which is why he leads Growers by Nature’s technical team. He believes that investing in his farms soil is his greatest competitive advantage as it promotes fruit quality, flavour, and shelf life. One of the reasons why Jaco is a feather in the cap of the Growers’ management team is due to his trial plot. This experimental vineyard boast association with all the major breeding programs, allowing Jaco to test each of the latest varieties to determine which will thrive in the Hex River Valley’s unique climate.

Meerlust supplies Growers by Nature with eight varieties, namely:


Crimson Seedless, IFG 68 – Sweet Celebration™


Sugraone (Superior Seedless®), IFG 10 – Sweet Globe™, Sugra-thirtyfive (Autumn Crisp®), Sheegene 2 – Timpson™ 


Sugra-sixteen (Sable Seedless®), Sugra-thirtyfour (Adora Seedless®)

Cordia Plase is a table grape farm and packhouse, owned and run by Francois Rossouw. After graduating with a degree in commerce from the University of Stellenbosch (1990), Francois decided to follow in his father and grandfather’s legacy to become a table grape producer too. He now has thirty years of experience and is still hungry to improve his business and product offering by planting the most sort-after varieties to remain globally competitive.

The farm is situated in the De Wet valley, located between Worcester and De Doorns, the traditional home of South Africa’s table grape industry. The farm is nestled alongside the Hex river which supplies the farm with ample fresh mountain water year-round.

The farm supplies Growers by Nature with seven varieties, namely:


Starlight, Joy Bells, Crimson Seedless


IFG 10 – Sweet Globe™, Sheegene 2 – Timpson™ 


IFG 17 – Sweet Joy™, Autumn Royal

Denau Farming is a family owned and managed table grape and citrus producer. The organisation is managed by the three Naude brothers, Fanie, Marinus and Pieter jnr., who receive oversite from their father Pieter Naude snr., the current chairman. The Naude family have been farming in the Hex River valley for six generations by combining contemporary business and agricultural practises with traditional farming values, a true recipe for success!

Denau consists of nine production units; Glen Heatlie, Vreesniet, Welgemoed, Naudesig, Naudesia, Eiland, Rheebokskraal, Denau Citrus, and Lorraine; which all produce roughly 850 000 cartons of table grapes and 350 000 cartons of citrus.

Denau supplies Growers by Nature with twelve table grape varieties, including:


Starlight, Tawny Seedless, RedGlobe, Crimson Seedless, Sugra 19 (Scarlotta Seedless®), IFG 68 (Sweet Celebration)


Sugraone (Superior Seedless®), Sugra 35 (Autumn crisp®), 


Sugra 16 (Sable Seedless®), Sugra 34 (Adora Seedless®)

Denau also supplies Growers by Nature with the following citrus varieties: Octobrina, Nules, Orri’s, Leanri, and Nadorcott.


For further information regarding Denau Boerdery, follow the link below:


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161 Main Road, Paarl

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