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About us

We are a registered, approved marketing and export company that specialises in citrus fruit and table grapes to local and international markets. 

We strive to create value through innovation and teamwork.

Being growers ourselves, we understand that healthy soils breed healthy produce. We know that technology and innovation drive modern farming. We realize that our responsibility towards nature and the environment, our sustainable packaging and our people make our produce and our future special. 

Most of all, we know that we excite client and customer alike with crunchy, juicy, sweet, flavourful fruit and this remains our focus.

We select the best fruit from hand-picked growers to serve clients in local and international markets, such as the UK, Europe, Far East, South East Asia, USA and Canada.

Our name tells it like it is: we exist to connect healthy, quality produce with clients who expect just that. Growers by Nature takes sustainability to heart and our business is rooted in strong relationships and outstanding service.

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“We understand quality – we grow it every day.”

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